Please browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers to any questions you may have relating to your signage requirements.

  • Can you explain the meaning of reverse cut vinyl

    Reverse cut means that the vinyl is cut in reverse and will be adhered to the inside of a window and able to be viewed from the outside. By installing your signage this way protects it from the outside environment and vandalism etc.

  • Can you tell me the difference in sheet sizes

    A1 is 594mm x 841mm
    A2 is 420mm x 594 mm
    A3 is 297mm x 420mm
    A4 is 210mm x 297mm

  • How are orders delivered / installed?

    MG Signs will install your signage if required and installation requirements for each site is different, please seek clarification at time of quotation.

    MG Signs can arrange for deliver of your order to any location of your choosing and normal courier / delivery charges will apply, or you can provide your own courier or pick up.

    All of our orders are shipped with a packing list, which contains your name and address and the recipients name and address. You can request that the packing list not show any pricing information.

  • How can I be assured my sign will look like what I expect and ordered

    All our signage is designed and we provide our customers with proofs for you to check and sign off on. This is a free service ensuring your confidence that you will receive exactly what you have ordered.

  • How can I check if my logo is in vector format or not

    You can open the file on your computer and zoom in, if you can zoom in to the size the graphic will be when it is printed and if this graphic is clear, then it will print clearly.

  • How do I send my artwork to you – what formats are recommended

    You can supply your graphics and artwork files in many formats including email, CD, DVD and USB flash drive.

    If you cannot send an appropriate file format or your file cannot be used we can recreate your logo and / or design for a small fee.

    Our preferred cut ready formats are illustrator AI files, Illustrator EPS files, CDR, Tiff or unflattened PDF files. PC files only as we cannot support Apple Mac files.

    • MG Signs predominately uses CorelDraw x3
    • Illustrator CS2: Please link (not embedded artwork)
    • Jpeg: is not recommended, please supply artwork at a high resolution only.

    We can also accept all Photoshop files and In Design files however any artwork that is not vector based may incur additional fees to prepare them for plotting. Most files f or Vinyl Cutting or Router profile cutting must be supplied in a vector based format with any fonts converted to curves or outlines.

    We accept most bitmap and vector formats for full colour digital wide format printing.

    Disclaimer: A well-known expression within the sign industry is “GIGO” i.e. Garbage in Garbage out. This refers to the quality of files supplied, if your art supply is of a poor quality and we are not authorised to do some remedial or perhaps even redo your artwork entirely, your replication of signage will be exactly as you supplied and of poor quality.

  • How do we place and order with MG Signs

    We make it simple – contact us via email, fax or phone call. Supply us with as much information as you can, the more we understand your business the easier flow of production and ideas will be.

  • How fast can I expect a quote and or answer to my request

    Most of our quotes and replies will be supplied within 24 – 48 hours. Complex projects my require additional time to prepare but we will be able to advise once we review your project.

  • If I am getting a sign installed on my vehicle, how long will my car/ truck / van / boat be out of service

    Normally only one day is required to apply graphics to most vehicles, however this does depend on the size and complexity of the job.
    Consultation at time of ordering will specify correct time frames, if you have certain deadlines please discuss at time of ordering.

  • My logo is saved as a jpg (bitmap) if I save it as a pdf will it be in vector format

    Sorry no, your logo will need to be totally re-drawn from scratch into a vector format using software such as Adobe Illustrator etc but we can do this for at a low cost.

  • What are MG Signs trading terms

    MG Signs quotes are valid for 30 days from date of quote. Once quote is accepted all work will be undertaken on receipt of 20% deposit and for our credit approved customers balance payment is due within 30 days of submission of our invoice.

    For non credit approved or COD customers we require a 40% deposit on acceptance of order and balance on completion and / or installation.

  • What is your trading hours

    We are open Monday to Friday 8.00am – 4.30pm daily, of course after hours appointments can be made if required.

  • What sort of signage do you supply i.e. do you make all types of signage

    We have the expertise, state of the art equipment and techniques to manufacture any type of signage you require. Please see our gallery for some sample signs we have produced.