Making a Handcrafted Sign

Making a Handcrafted Sign

Making a traditional Fabricated sign.

As a traditional sign manufacturer with our skills based on the Art of Signwriting. Therefore over the decades from apprentice the tradesperson to aiming at the ultimate goal of becoming a master of the crafts of sign manufacture.

The old saying of Confucius “ if you love what you do your never work a day in your life” rings true what a client offers the opportunity of crafting them something special. This is exactly the background of the photos showcased in this article.

  • 1. The steps are often overlapping due to skills like steel forging and finishing
  • 2. Design, cut and fabricate and prime the letter forms
  • 3. Precheck all the sign elements
  • 4. Application of gold leaf to letters and elements
  • 5. check and assembly
  • 6. Final Assembly
  • 7. The close inspection
  • 8. The final product

When your project calls for an individually crafted ONE – OFF sign, please talk to us – we are local to Newcastle but service nationally.

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