Stag & Hunter

Traditionally Sign written Menu Board at The Stag & Hunter.

MG Signs Unique Design & Layout of the Sign written Menu Board at the Stag has created character to the dining atmosphere whilst keeping with the pubs historic charm. The menu board suits its functional purpose providing an easy to read yet visually detailed hand painted lettering balanced with artistic traditional signwriting techniques using methods rarely seen today such as a simple pallet,mahl stick, paint and brushes. MG Signs produced a quality hand painted finish geared to warm the atmosphere producing an eye-catching, attractive menu board appropriate to its surroundings.

MG Signs is proud to keep the skills of signwriting alive through the unique tradition of eye-catching, attractive lettering produced by offering this traditionally artistic hand painted sign writing style, a valuable asset needed to conserve historical sites and artistic styles.

A big thank you to another satisfied customer for allowing us the design freedom and trusting our creative abilities allowing us to do what we do best which is producing great signs and designs. 

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